Results Lyric of J Cole Songs

  1. J. Cole
    Cole World
  2. J. Cole
    Cole Summer
  3. Nat King Cole
    Unforgettable (virtual Duet W/ Natalie Cole)
  4. Cheryl Cole
    Fight For This Love
  5. J. Cole
    No Role Modelz
  6. J. Cole
    Can’t Get Enough
  7. Coleman Hell
    2 Heads
  8. J. Cole
    In The Morning
  9. Cheryl Cole
  10. Paula Cole
    La Vie En Rose (english)
  11. J. Cole
    Crooked Smile
  12. J. Cole
    Love Yourz
  13. Nat King Cole
  14. J. Cole
    Work Out
  15. J. Cole
  16. Nat King Cole
    Quizás, Quizás, Quizás
  17. J. Cole
    I’m Coming Home
  18. Nat King Cole
  19. Keyshia Cole
    Let It Go
  20. Nat King Cole
  21. J. Cole
    Wet Dreamz
  22. Natalie Cole
    When I Fall in Love – Nat King Cole
  23. Keyshia Cole
    Take Me Away
  24. Natalie Cole
    Starting Over Again
  25. Keyshia Cole
    I Remember
  26. Cole Porter
    Anything Goes
  27. Nat King Cole
    The Christmas Song
  28. Cole Porter
  29. Keyshia Cole
    Trust And Believe
  30. J. Cole
  31. Keyshia Cole
  32. Keyshia Cole
    Heaven Sent
  33. J. Cole
    Kevin’s Heart
  34. Nat King Cole
    L – O – V – E
  35. J. Cole
  36. Nat King Cole
    Mona Lisa
  37. Dorinda Clark-Cole
    Bless This House
  38. Cole Swindell
    You Should Be Here
  39. J. Cole
    Power Trip
  40. J. Cole
  41. Keyshia Cole
  42. J. Cole
    Nothing Lasts Forever
  43. England Dan & John Ford Coley
    Just Tell Me You Love Me
  44. Cole Porter
    It’s De-lovely
  45. J. Cole
    Fire Squad
  46. Cheryl Cole
    3 words
  47. J. Cole
    The Lost Ones
  48. Nat King Cole
  49. Paula Cole
    I Don’t Want To Wait
  50. Cole Swindell
    I Just Want You

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