Advisory – the following lyrics contain explicit language:

Verse 1:
I dont need no little ass/
I need a ghetto ass/Girl with a little car that can make it cross town with just a little gas/I know when we first met/ you was a little gas/But you wanna keep yo swagg/So you was holdin back/Yo little brother luv me/He say yezzy got some fresh clothes/Yo grandmother love me/ cause I always dress in dress clothes/I can switch yo dress code/Change yo life like presto/I m like that ashton martin engine you just press go/Wh why you acking like you aint impress fo/O see why you listen to the press tho/I I aint finna splain my life up on no larry king/Cause when I show her that thing/She said that explains everything/Everything that just changed everthing/Yezzy on her name ring/Yezzy with her chain bling/Yea I thow barack a but/ baby you get my vote/Love a gehtto girl with mo/ ass then the models/


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